Accu-Safe - Enclosed Chamber

Accu-Safe - Enclosed Chamber

Thermco’s ACCU-SAFE - Enclosed Chamber Thermometers are precise, reliable and an economical means of measuring critical temperatures in Blood Bank Refrigerators, Ultra-Low Freezers, Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators, Ambient/Room, Block Heaters and Ovens. All thermometers have their own unique serial number and is supplied with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate to indicate the traceability of each thermometer and the standard used in the certification testing.

ACCU-SAFE Environmentally Friendly Thermometers are Spirit-Filled (Non-Mercury). Mercury model also available. Each thermometer is encapsulated in a PTEF flouropolymer safety-shield which absorbs shock, and will enclose the liquid and splintered glass within the coating should breakage occur. There by keeping contaminants from user and environment.

ACCU-SAFE thermometers are housed in a unbreakable plastic bottle filled with a “NON-TOXIC” Bio-Safe insulating liquid. This medium is used to maintain the temperature to insure accurate temperature readings without being affected by opening and closing of chamber door.

All Thermometers have thoroughly annealed glass and engraved stems for lasting accuracy in 0.1°C, 0.5°C and 1.0°C divisions to enhance the critical measurements demanded by today’s regulatory agencies.

Space Saving Magnets are supplied which can be adhered to the bottle allowing the thermometer to be attached to a steel wall or door.

Block Heater thermometers are housed in a 1.5ml MICRO centrifuge tube with 1ml of USP white mineral oil.


Environmentally Friendly Spirit Filled Thermometers (Non-Mercury)

CATALOG No.ApplicationRangeDivisionsHeightBottle Media
ACCBBS Blood Banks
-5 to 20°C 0.5°C 145mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 250 ml
ACCBB210S Blood Banks
-2 to 10°C 0.1°C 180mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 250 ml
ACCF100S Freezers -25 to -5°C 0.1°C 120mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 60 ml
ACCF0101S Freezers -30 to 0°C 0.5°C 125mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 30 ml
ACCR20001S Refrigerators -2 to 10°C 0.1°C 240mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 60 ml
ACCR0201S Refrigerators -5 to 15°C 0.5°C 125mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 30 ml
ACCI300S Incubators 15 to 30°C 0.1°C 180mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 60 ml
ACCI0301S Incubators 18 to 50°C 0.5°C 135mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 30 ml
ACCI310S Incubators 25 to 45°C 0.1°C 190mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 60 ml
ACCAM0401S Ambient/Room +10 to 30°C 0.5°C 140mm Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - 30 ml
ACCOV070S Oven 20 to 130°C 1.0°C 135mm Sand - 30 ml
ACCOV700S Oven 50 to 115°C 0.5°C 240mm Sand - 60 ml
ACCOV080S Oven 35 to 200°C 1.0°C 145mm Sand - 100 ml Glass Bottle
ACCULF010S Ultra-Low
-90 to 20°C 1.0°C 145mm Sand - 60 ml
ACCDB301 Block Heaters 18 to 60°C 0.5°C 125mm Mineral Oil - 1 ml
ACCDB40 Block Heaters 50 to 110°C 0.5°C 165mm Mineral Oil - 1 ml

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