DV1 Series Digital Viscometer

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Delivery 6 - 8weeks: pricing includes CSA electrical approval, duties , Canadian Warranty
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The unit Includes: Canadian Electrical Approval to CSA standard

Brochure and Specification (click for PDF)

What's Included

  • Instrument
  • 6 spindles for RV/HA/HB
  • or 4 spindles for LV
  • Spindle Guard Leg*
  • Lab Stand (Model G)
  • Carrying Case

Benefits and Description

DV1 measures viscosity and temperature simultaneously (with an optional temperature probe). With its timed measurement function, data can easily be sent to a PC or printer. Optional software allows the DV1 to collect, analyze and record test data.

  • PC Interface for use with optional Wingather Software and output connection to printer
  • Direct access to time measurement function (time to torque, time to stop)
  • Temperature off-set capability to ±5°C
  • Senses and displays continuously: ◦Viscosity (cP or mPa·s)
  • Temperature (°C or °F) (OPTIONAL)
  • Torque
  • Speed (rpm)
  • Spindle used
  •  Torque measurement accuracy: 1% of full scale range; Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale range
  • Choice of 18 rotational speeds
  • Optional RTD temperature probe
  • Auto-range function to define full scale range (FSR) for all spindle/speed combinations
  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories
  • NIST traceable viscosity standards available